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Btw: Miss Sharon?

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Enough people make a ruckus (I love ruckuses..ruckusi…whatever) and people take notice.

AMC has returned to Dish Network!  and THANK YOU to MOM for catching it!

I have my Walking Dead, Talking Dead, Comic Book Men, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Hell On Wheels..and the list goes on.

/happy end-zone dance

Where’s We-TV?  C’mon, Dish – continue to pull your heads out of your collective rectums for a fresh breath and fix the rest of your public faux-pas. 

We’ll still respect you in the morning. ;)  We’ll respect you even more.


From Nine to Five to killing critters..

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Today’s random moment is brought to you by the fine people who made Nine To Five (Violet talks about hunting and sweet critters like Bambi and Thumper) and the World of Warcraft critters made specifically for players to /love, /hug and commit unspeakable acts of savagery with murderous intentions upon.

[clicks tongue]

Here, bunny bunny bunny..

(which reminds me – go listen to Ozzy Fudd, the Wabbit Slayer!)


AMC: Thank you! I love you!

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Thank you, AMC!  Huge huggles and kissles!

Because Dish Networks are asshats to the nth degree of asshattery..

AMC put The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 1 ONLINE!

BTW: seeing and hearing a 43-year-old woman actually happydance in her chair while squee’ing was probably one for the records!


Dish Network can SUCK IT

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Bastards.  Absolute frakkin’ asshats.

I’d rather pay a few dollars more a month for my damn tv channel lineup than have some dickwad who only sees the money they PAY being an issue.  You’re alienating a rather large group of subscribers just because you can’t be bothered to work the math which would clearly show a PROFIT if you did the homework. 

And you PRIDE yourselves on NOT raising our rates – yet you are losing a LOT of us BECAUSE you’re accounts payable line is more important than the accounts receivable line.

The very first cable company I can find that services this area and that gives their users a CHOICE, even if it means a few extra bucks a month, will find themselves with one new client.  One person speaks to their friends and that generates more client growth potential.

I’m pissy.  It’s random-y.

I’m missing a number of my favorite shows, not the least of which is The Walking Dead (AMC Networks).

Fuck you, Dish Network.  I won’t even link to your site.  You don’t deserve the site traffic.


my limbic system..

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..wants to rip off your pants.



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I’d rather have a few moments of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special. (as per Steel Magnolias).

I’m going through a rough patch and even generally good statements, such as the one above, fail to make “the blues” go away.

le sigh..


E.T. phoned home 30 years ago..

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30th anniversary of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial  (the movie)..

ye g-ds, i feel old.


Randomy randomishness

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while trolling through the “how do i feel like killing brain cells tonight” movies on cable, i found – i kid you not – Ice Spiders on the listing…


like NORMAL ones aren’t bad enough ???

and THEN – to top it off – Camel Spiders

holy crap on a frakkin’ cracker..

/curl into fetal ball and cry

kmn plz k thx


Btw, Dad?

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I love you!


((Note: the owl and skull design are not my own creation.  I found the image some time past and the only editing I did to the original was to remove the white background for the transparency and color blending.  If someone knows the original creator, please let me know so that I can give credit to whom it is due.  Thank you!))